• Getting paid correctly and on time by customers can be a constant frustration for business owners. Communicating your terms is the best way of making sure you aren’t out of pocket – or are left chasing debtors. Setting your terms of payment Your terms of payment let customers know when and how you expect to Read More
  • An effective export business plan lays the foundations for overseas success. Each piece of the plan should come together to create a blueprint that will see your business prosper in the years ahead. Goals The foundation of your export business plan will be built on your goals – the markets where you intend to sell Read More
  • The key to building value in your business is to plan the process in a systematic way, whether you’re aiming to grow your business or groom it to get a better price from a buyer. Looking through the eyes of buyers Whether you just want to build a stronger business, or you’re looking ahead to Read More
  • Are you planning on selling to customers in an overseas market? There are export channels galore to choose between – but which ones are right for your business? The direct route or the indirect route Generally, there are two ways your business can go – direct exporting or indirect exporting (or both). No matter which Read More
  • Most business owners receive plenty of well-intentioned advice and ‘helpful opinion’ from family and friends. However, good business advice spoken from commercial experience is another matter entirely. That’s not to say it’s hard to find, but finding a reputable source in the Internet age is sometimes less than straightforward – especially if you have specific Read More
  • More than just a book-keeper If you’re thinking that your accounting software is there just to look after your finances, chances are you’re missing out on what it can do to grow your customer base – and improve your profit margins. The right accounting software is a tool that can be used to benefit your Read More
  • When you’re deciding what you really need to manage the books in your small business, it’s important to focus on your core business needs. So, there are some questions you need to ask yourself before you go ahead and make the purchase. Remember – the most expensive option isn’t necessarily the best. While most accounting Read More
  • In today’s fast paced business world, technology has become as essential to success as a great idea. It’s a real equalizer that puts even the smallest business on equal footing with the big players. To grow your business you’ll need to harness the power of technology and use it to your advantage. Here are nine Read More
  • Anyone who has been through a major earthquake, flood, fire or other disaster can confirm that a lot more could have been done – and should have been done – to lessen the impact. Forethought is the key to recovery. Assessing the risks Meet with staff and advisers to start developing a recovery plan. Set Read More
  • Your business plan is a management tool and is designed to suit the structure and needs of your particular business. There is not a one-size-fits-all business plan, or a set formula that you have to follow. This leeway to design your own business plan can feel quite daunting at first, but this is easy to Read More
  • The prices you charge for your products or services can have a dramatic effect on sales and profits. Your pricing strategy also determines how customers view and respond to your product or service. Consider the different options when it comes to pricing, to make sure your strategy is effective. The main pricing options Since you’re Read More
  • How you price can have a dramatic effect on your sales, cash flow, and profit margins. Your pricing strategy will determine how customers see your trade business in the marketplace – naturally comparing your prices with your competitors. What you need to know to build a profitable pricing strategy The prices you charge will influence Read More
  • These days your personal data is everywhere, and that information is valuable to marketers, hackers and everyone in between. If you want to prevent the unauthorized use of your personal information, you need to take a proactive approach to protecting yourself and your identity. You can no longer afford to be blasé about your data Read More
  • Accounting problems can have serious consequences for your business and are definitely worth avoiding. Here we outline six ways to solve the majority of your accounting issues. 1. Know the difference between profit and cash flow If you’re a new business owner, it can be easy to spend money on growing your business rather than Read More
  • When you are setting out and everything is moving so quickly, it’s easy to deviate from where you intend to be. If you don’t have a business plan, you might compromise growth or miss out on opportunities by sweating the small stuff and not focusing on what matters most. Having a clear business plan from Read More
  • Wouldn’t you like to be able to reduce your time spent on administrative tasks so you could focus on increasing profits and running your business efficiently? Now might be the right time to contract out bookkeeping and payroll. The pros of outsourcing As your business grows, it might be time to outsource these time-consuming, administrative Read More
  • A successful business is one that’s built around a solid business plan. It’s the architecture you base your business on, and a tool that’s always in use to make sure you’re on track. A business plan is also something that you’ll be required to share with your bank. For them to lend you money, they’re Read More
  • Accounting software is readily available at brick-and-mortar and online stores alike. As with any business decision, you’ll want to make sure to select accounting software that is a good fit for your business. Use these tips to choose the right accounting software for your operation. Assess your needs When shopping for software, it’s tempting to Read More
  • What’s ‘the cloud’? Think of it like this: instead of storing and accessing your data from your own computer’s hard drive, you’re accessing other computer hard drives over the Internet. So all the information you’ve stored with other companies (from Facebook to Instagram to Google Drive to your bank account) are actually in physical computer Read More
  • Why accountants are necessary Unless you’re an experienced accountant yourself, it’s always best to have an expert overseeing your financial business affairs. As a business owner, you’ll probably be juggling several roles, but it’s not wise to spread yourself too thin where money is concerned. And even though accounting software does most of the hard Read More
  • There are a number of ways to arrive at the price to charge customers. Regardless of which method you use for pricing your product, you’ll need to know what it costs to supply your product to be sure you’re able to operate at a profit. Alternatively, you’ll need to know the cost to your business Read More
  • Many service providers simply pitch their price somewhere near the middle of the prevailing market rate. But it makes sense to calculate your overhead costs and hourly rate to work out what price you should charge to ensure the income from your business meets your expectations. Your overheads The first thing you’ll need to work Read More
  • For first-time exporters, finding success in overseas markets can be an avenue towards securing long-term, sustainable growth. But thorough preparation is vital to managing the business risks involved. Building a well-researched plan Deciding to export should be part of your continuing vision for your business. In-depth research will help you understand the specific challenges and Read More

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