• 1. Put together a strong advisory team Starting a business can be a lonely process and thinking you can do it all yourself is the road to extra stress and pressure. Study successful business owners and you’ll find they have surrounded themselves with a strong group of advisers. A typical core team would include an Read More
  • Markets are dynamic and constantly evolving so no business can afford to stand still. No matter how excellent your products or services, they have a finite lifespan, so they must be developed or replaced if you’re to continue growing your business. New products and services are the hallmarks of a go-ahead business. Improvements and extensions Read More
  • So you have a great business idea and are convinced you can make it work, but you don’t have much capital to get your business off the ground. Juggling existing financial commitments such as a mortgage or bank loans could put a squeeze on your business plans. A growing number of entrepreneurs are using creative Read More
  • If you’re buying or selling a small business, it’s critical to know what the business is worth. The challenge is that what you think a business is worth, and what the person on the other side of the fence thinks it is worth, are usually two different figures. In the end, the motivation for both Read More
  • Most small business owners start out with a good business idea but little concept of what it takes to manage and grow a business. But you can learn and improve your management skills as your business grows. While there isn’t a definitive list of skills, the ones listed below will help you build your initial Read More
  • Your business plan is a management tool and is designed to suit the structure and needs of your particular business. There is not a one-size-fits-all business plan, or a set formula that you have to follow. This leeway to design your own business plan can feel quite daunting at first, but this is easy to Read More
  • Franchising can be an excellent way of growing your business rapidly and earning a good return. It can also be a pathway for ultimately exiting your business and leaving it in the capable hands of franchisees. Here, we’ll outline ten steps to successfully franchise your business with a view to leaving it behind at some Read More
  • When you are setting out and everything is moving so quickly, it’s easy to deviate from where you intend to be. If you don’t have a business plan, you might compromise growth or miss out on opportunities by sweating the small stuff and not focusing on what matters most. Having a clear business plan from Read More
  • If you’re looking impartially and unemotionally at the options ahead when starting your own business, you have to admit simply buying one already in operation is incredibly appealing. Not only do you get experienced staff and an existing customer base, you also get established premises, a well-known brand and a network of suppliers thrown into Read More

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